Wednesday, 1 August 2007

In Edinburgh: "Happy 100 years of Scouting"

Well since we last posted we have gone all through Germany, I will try and write a post about that latter.
Today we got up early and went to the Centenary Celebration of Scouting down near the Castle. It was good to meet scouts from all over the place. Some Czech Republic Scouts have invited us to come traveling for about a week with them, which is good because we cant hire a car and they have a coach we can go in plus a tent we can borrow. They are really nice. The only problem is that my friend Jenni may have tickets for us to go to the Tattoo tomorrow night, its dress rehearsal but it will have everything in it and I think it will be free. She just hasn't been able to contact us because of her rehearsal schedule.
We hope to head on up to the north and see where Ellies rellies are from. We also hope to see Dolmellington near Glasgow, we'll probably go latter in the trip on the way to Ireland.

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