Monday, 28 May 2007

Here we are in Japan sheering wales as big as sheep

Well Ellie and I have arrived in good old Japan.
Everything has been a bit of a culture shock. Ellie is really enjoying the sushi and on that note food is so cheap here. Yesterday when we were on our way to Sensoji Temple (the main one for Tokyo) we stopped in a donut shop to get something sweet. When I finally got a chance to bite in it I discovered to my horror that it was a curry centred donut. It was ok but not what I was expecting. During the day we were a bit like Japanese tourists are in Australia, we took photos of everything and I mean everything. I'll try to add some of the crazy signs that we sore to the blog soon.
Tonight we plan to go to a Baseball game with the friends that we are staying with here in Tokyo, So stay tuned for the next installment of WE.

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