Saturday, 7 July 2007

Well we've been having a great time here in Southampton visiting where I used to live.
Yesterday we went to Portsmouth where Nelson's ship the Victory is kept along with Henry the 8ths flag ship, the Mary Rose.
The Bus ride took for ever and depsite being a normal bus cost us about $15 each.
Today we headed off to go and see southsea common, its a saturday and only 1 bus leaves every 3 hours. We were standing at the bus stop at the top of the hill ready to get on. Ellie signalled our intention to get on but the bus just kept going right past us. It was so frustrating, so we had to come into town instead and will go off to Southampton common this arvo instead.
Anyway times running out so WE'll add more latter
London was so awesome. We both got so excited as soon as the plane landed, especially Ellie who had never been here before.
The Art Gallery was really good with lots of simply amazing works including Van Gough, Monet, Turner and Devinci. The best part about the museum is that its free!
We also enjoyed seeing the Tower of London on the last day. It took us the whole day but we got to see everything. Unfortunately the Crown Jewels were not as impressive as WE had expected. Luckily though we got in at the right time otherwise we would have had to wait like half an hour, several tour groups had begun to go in just as we got out the exit.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Old England

Well we're in England now. It was so difficult to get any internet time in Japan, let alone enough to write blog entries, hopefully europe will be a bit easier.
We were in London for 3 days but are now down in Southampton until we head off to Germany where we will catch up with my father who is off to conference there.
We sore the Tower of London, The National Art Museum, Trafalgar Square, Their equivalent of the High Court and quite a few other things which WE will post about shortly.
Internet time running out.
Love Will and EL